The goal of the Earth Concert Hall (ECH) is to create a global portal system for announcing and broadcasting live audiovisual events over the Internet. Thus, artists or their management can proclaim and present concerts worldwide through such a portal by streaming their live music to consumers with varying levels of quality and cost. The lowest resolution level can be funded by banner advertising without payment. As a side effect, these free performances promote ECH and its spread on our planet. In contrast, high-resolution sound and image recordings are offered only to registered viewers. The quality follows a billing model. Artists receive a share of the turnover. First, a suitable project planning method has to be defined.

The tasks to be solved to create a global distributed portal system for the announcement and transmission of live audiovisual events over the Internet are cross-border. The representation of artists’ rights in all countries requires well-established cooperation partners. Existing collecting societies, founded in an era of mechanical recordings, have a reliable international dividend payout for creatives. Authors, composers and third parties could receive their share of the proceeds of the ECH performances as the network of cooperating traditional regional collecting societies exists worldwide. An essential part of the required infrastructure already exists: high performance data networks across the globe.

The user interface of the Earth Concert Hall would show the image of our rotating planet Earth. If you zoom in, the picture changes to a map. When a location of a live concert appears on the screen, its music is played through real-time broadcast, seemingly loudest from the center of the displayed earth view.

A possible project add-on would be the Earth Concert Archive with a similar billing model as for ECH.

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